IHPBA 2016

Since Seoul we have been preparing this IHBPA congress to deliver to you a strong and innovative scientific program with excellent organization. In this sense we are preparing every detail to ensure the best possible event, and furthermore we can offer you Brazil's famous hospitality and happiness.

We have over 2000 papers submitted from eighty two countries and we expect 2000 foreign visitors as well as 1000 Brazilian delegates, so we have a responsibility to offer not only strong organization and a solid scientific program, but we must also give you all the opportunity to get to know our country and culture.

Our scientific program is offering a consensus in pancreatic surgery and a course in interventional radiology as part of a pre-congress day, and the congress itself. Confirming our motto, a real carnival of knowledge in HPB.

What we believe will make a huge difference and will be the event's unforgettable centerpiece is the Gala dinner, which will mix Brazil's two great passions; Football (soccer) and samba. The Gala dinner, to be held at a soccer stadium with a carnival Samba school and typical samba dancers to serenade our guests, with ample opportunity to join in. Guests will have the opportunity to sample Brazil's national drink, cachaça, and its national cocktail, the caipirinha. All of his means that you can sample the Brazilian energy and happiness.

We hope to offer you an impeccable quality academic event with a distinctive Brazilian flavor.

Bem vindos, e aproveitem!
Welcome, and enjoy!

Dr. Carneiro

Luiz Augusto Carneiro D'Albuquerque
IHPBA 2016 SÃO PAULO President
MD, PhD Full Professor and Head Digestive Tract Transplantation Unit.
Gastroenterology Department, Chairman Hospital das Clínicas da
Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil