Visa requirements may differ according to the country of origin. Brazil does not require visa for most countries, however we advise delegates (and accompanying family members) to check their individual needs in advance.

Individuals requiring an official letter of invitation, in order to obtain a visa to travel to Brazil, will be able to personalize a Letter of Invitation after registration is completed. If you are already registered, click here to print your Letter of Invitation.


International attendees (and accompanying family members) planning to travel to Brazil for IHPBA 2016 should be well informed and adequately prepared for the Brazil visa application process, and should start the process as soon as they know of their intent to travel. Brazil applies the reciprocity principle for its visa policy. This means that the fees and requirements to get a Brazilian visa are the same as those applied by your country to Brazilian citizens.


Brazilian visa requirements vary substantially by country of citizenship. For the most accurate information for your country, please contact the consulate or embassy serving your region or visit its website. To find the nearest embassy or consulate, please visit  (in Portuguese, sorted by country).

Citizens of several countries, including most European countries, most Central and South American countries, Korea, New Zealand, and Philippines, do not need a visa to enter Brazil.

For others, including Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States, it will be necessary to apply for a visa through the Brazilian embassy or consulate serving your country or area. Depending on your country, the visa process may require an interview at the embassy or consulate. Please, check the Brazilian embassy/consulate site in your country in advance to verify how long the visa process takes, since it depends on each country.

At link

When you click on “Quadro Geral de Regime de Vistos Simplificado (inglês)” you will see a pdf document with requirements by country (Category of visas and alphabetical order of countries)


Advance travel planning is critical to ensure adequate time for visa processing. Registrants need to consider the entire processthat begins with registering for the meeting with IHBPA through the visa interview. The length of time needed for the visa process may vary substantially from country to country; please contact your nearest embassy or consulate as early as possible to determine requirements in your country. By following the steps below, you will ensure that you have allotted a sufficient amount of time for a visa application to be processed for IHPBA 2016.

Step 1 – Register for the meeting online at

Step 2 - When your registration is completed, request a Letter of Invitation.

Step 3 – Research procedures for obtaining a visa by locating the nearest Brazilian embassy to your country of residence. You may apply for a visa on your own or use a passport and visa expediter like Travisa ( The following site,, provides links to all Brazilian embassies or consulates throughout the world (in Portuguese, sorted by country). Brazilian visas may require the recipient to enter Brazil within a certain time from issuance.

Step 4 – Follow the Brazilian embassy’s / expediter’s instructions and apply for a visa. A personal interview may be required as part of the visa application process.

Step 5 – Gather the required documentation for your personal interview with the visa consular, including registration confirmation, hotel confirmation, and letter of invitation, your return air ticket, evidence of adequate finance, and any other documents requested.

Step 6 – Arrive on time to the visa interview with all required documentation. It is the registrant’s responsibility to provide the Brazilian embassy with any and all documentation that may facilitate the visa process and includes all fees and expenses associated with obtaining a visa.